Working Families

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I’ve been a blue collar worker my whole life.

My opponent has no idea what it means to raise 6 children on one income. I literally put my life on the line every day to help others. My entire career I’ve been in a union. I doubt my opponent even knows the name of a single person without a home.


I have spent my entire career helping others. First I spent 12 years as a game warden protecting the environment. I have since spent 23 years protecting people. I’ve won awards like Police Officer of the Year and Citizen of the Year. Not because I bust people, but because I HELP people.

I’m the good cop. I’m the guy who helps the immigrant family get access to food and care, regardless of status. I’m even fluent in Spanish. I doubt my opponent knows a single Spanish speaking immigrant family.

  • I’m the guy who protects women and children from getting beaten up.
  • I’m the guy who mentors kids.
  • I’m the guy who helps the unhoused get access. I help those suffering mental health issues and addiction find help and hope.

They shut down the economy for working folks,

saying our jobs are “non-essential” while they sit safe with the largest transfer of wealth in the history of our nation. Large stores got to stay open, the rest of us got to lose our jobs.

The rich got richer.

They spend and spend, raising every tax possible which always hurts the poorest of us. Now they want a STATE INCOME tax to pay for all the money they give to the institutions run by their campaign donors.

They aren’t satisfied with taxing services, businesses, roads. Now they want to literally take money out of your pocket. Money you will never see again.

My opponent is part of this systemic problem for 8 long years.

No black man has ever been elected to the Washington State Senate. NOT ONE. NOT EVER.

I’m tired of politicians telling us how to deal with bigotry and inequity, while we keep electing the same people to the same system, doing nothing. Hypocrites!

They talk a big talk at election time, then do nothing but throw a few extra dollars to their cronies at institutions they still control.

You may have never voted for anyone in a different party than you. That’s why I didn’t choose a party. I chose to run independent from any official party, because at the local level, we need to care about our neighbors, not some political ideal. We’re dealing with real issues, nobody has time to play politics. I don’t care who is president, or even who you like for governor, but we care about the same things at the local level. And your vote does matter locally.

It’s time for us to act now. It’s time for the 49th district, a district with the largest population of black and brown people to rise up and send our voice to the senate. Do you want equity? Let’s send a black voice to the table in the State Senate. Do you want to keep more of your own money? Let’s send a working man to the table.

I am that voice. Join me, and together we can be at the decision-making table.

Your vote truly does matter at the local level. Vote Rey Reynolds. TODAY. Let’s do this!

If it’s been a while since you’ve voted, you can check your status here

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