Vancouver Shooting and Riots

I’ve had enough. Last month the police were involved in a tragic shooting death and no one rioted. This week we had a death and Portland planned riots to destroy our city. What was the difference? Why didn’t they care last month?

Last month the person who was shot was white, this week black. Seems they aren’t concerned about a police shooting when it doesn’t involve a black person.

I have lived here 35 years, and have 5 black sons so I have skin in the game. I don’t think our police are racist, and I think our community has had enough. Is there room for improvement? Of course there always is, yet I’ve had enough of this false narrative.

Voters know the truth. If they really care about equity, like they say they do; then they would put me, a black man, in the Senate as a voice. Let’s see if they put their vote where their mouth is.

As a black man and officer, I should be a part of this conversation.

I am the right person for a time such as this to bring unity to our community.

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