End Bigotry

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Do you consider yourself a bigot?

Me either, yet Washington State has NEVER had a black man elected to the State Senate.

In fact, only had one black person ever served in the State Senate, a woman in the 90’s. ONE. BLACK. PERSON. EVER.

Born and raised in South Chicago, I overcame the odds and earned a degree in water resources with a minor in biology. I became a game warden in SW Washington and protected the environment for 12 years. Then I became a peace officer in Vancouver and protected people, mentored youth and helped people get housing and other resources they need for 21 years.

And now, at a time such as this, all my life experience bids me to serve by protecting voters in the Senate. To protect the civil rights of all citizens in the 49th district, no matter the color, creed or bank account.

Rey Reynolds against bigotry

Who better than I?

  • No one is more qualified to speak on issues of being Black than I am.
  • No one is more qualified to bridge the gap between inequities in our justice system than I am.
  • No one is more qualified to make laws concerning our environment than I am.


Yet at every turn I am facing a bigotry I didn’t even know existed, until I, a black man, dared run for the State Senate in a district that has NEVER had a black representative, EVER.

A district with the most people of color in the county, has never had a black representative. That does not add up.

And like you I am tired of the fighting. It’s time to take action.

  • I believe in action, not accusations.
  • I believe in people, not party.
  • I believe in the content of character, not the color of skin.
  • I believe we can end the idea of systemic bigotry in our state…

…and it starts with you.


So I ask; will you be brave enough to take a stand for the future of Washington? To show the Nation that we are a state that cares about everyone.

To show the world that in Washington State, a kid from Chicago can become an environmental scientist, a police officer, and a Senator?

You may have never voted for anyone in a different party than you. That’s why I didn’t choose a party. I chose to run independent from any official party, because at the local level, we need to care about our neighbors, not some political ideal. We’re dealing with real issues, nobody has time to play politics. I don’t care who you vote for president or even governor, but we care about the same things at the local level, where your vote matters.

Join me, and take the step to vote Rey Reynolds for Washington State Senate 49th District.

Together we can forge a new Washington, and when we do we will be at the decision making table together.

To check your ballot status click here: 


Respectfully- Rey

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