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Rey's Commitments

I serve, and that’s how I lead.

Committed to the People

It’s no surprise that, among the many commendations Rey has received over the years, in 2020 he was awarded both Officer of the Year for the district and Officer of the Year for the State of Washington.

Both of these awards demonstrate Rey’s commitment to Servant Leadership.

Rey shows his dedication to serving the people by serving as a board member for Columbia River Mental Health as well as for Camp Hope. He’s also serving on the Vancouver Schools Equity Committee.

I've taken the oath of office four times, starting as a rookie officer. I take that oath seriously. I believe that we need to adhere to what the oath stands for - protecting our Constitutional Republic.

Committed to the Constitution

Rey believes that the Constitution is a foundational document we must protect. After the Bible, this beautiful work of wisdom and vision from our forefathers is the single most important thing ever written for the success of this great country. Rey stands firm in his conviction that the rights guaranteed within it shall not be taken from the citizens of America, and certainly not from the citizens of Clark County.

It is critical that the Clark County Sheriff be available to answer questions and hear the concerns of the residents.

Committed to the Community

Rey has decades of experience building trust within the community. He envisions a truly community-based policing model where law enforcement officers are engaging with the community in daily life. Law enforcement officers and Clark County residents should have an open dialogue, solving issues together.

I’ve served as a Police Officer here in Vancouver since 1998, rising from rookie officer to Field Supervisor. My family is here, my history is here, and my heart is here.

I’m excited to serve as Clark County Sheriff.

37 Years in Law Enforcement

1984 – 1991
Fish & Wildlife Officer

1992 – 1998
Detective for Fish & Wildlife

1998 – 2002
Patrol Officer

2001– 2002

2002 – 2005

2005 – 2018
School Resource Officer

Promoted to Corporal / Field Supervisor

2018 – Today
Bike Patrol

Hold the Line

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